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Emergency plumber in New York City

Have you ever thought, or are tired of being serviced by inexperienced plumbers? We, Vantuz Plumbing, are a team of skilled and licensed professionals that cover all plumbing services from simple clogged sinks to sophisticated major problems. Having years of remarkable experience in this field, we have an outstanding credibility in delivering quality services having best customer interest in mind. We care about our customer experience and satisfaction hence committed to serving you with quality and value.Our services are:

Water heaters repair and replacement: Is your water heater not supplying adequate water, taking longer to heat water, making funny noises, or suspecting a leak? Or is it an in need of a replacement? Call us today and let us apply that fix to you.


We cover:
~ Conventional water heaters ~ Tankless water heaters ~ Hybrid water heaters.

Kitchen repairs: Any kitchen appliance or accessories, name it. We have dedicated professionals who can handle all kitchenware stuff including:
~ Dishwasher machines
– Gas lines
~ Water lines ~ Garbage disposals ~ Faucets and sinks ~ Kitchen remodels ~ Ice maker lines
Repair, install and maintain sump pumps

Sewer line repair and replacement: Cracked or broken sewer pipes can be hazardous especially if they are left leaking. Despite them causing property damage and costly repairs, they pose serious environmental and health risks. The earlier you spot, and we stop it the safer it is. Call us today before its too late.
Bathroom repair and maintenance bathroom is the hub for personal physical cleanliness and is the last place anyone would want to encounter plumbing issues. We fix, repair and install;
~ Shower valves and shower models ~ Sinks
~ Clear drainage systems
– Faucets ~ Urinals
– Sloan valves
~ Toilet repair and replacement ~ Replace toilet flappers and fill valves.
~ Unclog Toilets.
– Bathtubs and other bathroom equipment and services.


New construction: Whether you are remodeling building a new home, we are the best guys to stress away from your plumbing worries. Our expertise and proficiency are not limited to repairs and maintenance only. We do cover all plumbing services including planning and installations in new constructions. We have worked with many home builders in New York, and anywhere we had our hands on, we left a positive mark.

Leak detection troubleshooting and repair: Though it might last a while going unnoticed or before creating serious attention, leaks can cause severe damage. The constant dripping and running of water are capable of creating cracks on walls, lead to the fixture and pipe corrosion, distort floors and even contaminate water. We at your call, will diagnose the problem, calculate possible solutions and apply necessary fixes.

Commercial Plumbing: Our commercial plumbing services range to quite a broad perspective. We not only do maintenance but also do installations and repair of various appliances at very considerable rates.

Plumbing camera inspection and hydro jetting: We use advanced camera equipment to inspect the health of your drainage system from the inside out. With this, we can quickly detect blockages, unseen water leaks, and diagnose issue early ensuring smooth flow. In the case of debris, or clogged systems, we use the hydro jet cleaning to remove all possible blockages then recheck again till we provide clean systems.

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24-hour plumbing services:
We understand emergencies are unplanned events and they don’t have a favorable time. Therefore, we work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day ready respond to any emergency at any time. Our plumbing experts come fully equipped with tools to diagnose and fix your the problem quickly and efficiently providing solutions that will last. Even though some emergencies occur after working hours, we have no overtime charges. Despite our response, we also train our clients on how to tackle some fundamental and crucial issues to keep families safe during emergencies.
Plumbing Maintenance: What quite some people don’t understand, is how plumbing maintenance is necessary to their homes and offices. To avoid constant plumbing problems, it is recommended to frequently get a reliable plumber to check your systems before that disgusting emergency hits you. Routine maintenance will help ensure the continuous flow of clean water, healthy systems with a decent environment keeping you away from embarrassment.

Why choose Vantuz Plumbing?
Not every plumbing company out there guaranties quality valuable service, 24/7 dedicated emergency team, insured and licensed experts, courteous support with superior artistry. We have a trusted skilled team ready to attend to your plumbing need. Be it a clogged system, or scheduled inspections, just name it and will be at your service leaving you with utmost satisfaction. We guarantee exceptional, courteous and friendly customer service with the full commitment to your satisfaction.

Call us now for services you can trust.