Unique Banking Software System by Standfore FS

The private and retail banking system is no longer the same old traditional ones that we know of. The technology has completely transformed the banking industry that it has lead to changes in user expectations and behaviours. This change has forced banking industry to change their business technology and models they are using.

Over the time the banking sector has changed the way banking solutions https://www.standfore.com/banking-solutions/ are offered. This is the new way of maintaining marketing position while also catering to the customer’s demands. There are many companies offering banking software system, along with other consulting and BPO services.

In today’s dynamic world, technology has changed the face of almost everything we see around us. The change has caused many developments in banking sector leading to more frauds and losses. Choosing a good bank could be really tough especially when you know nothing about the banking operations. That’s where banking software companies like Standfore come and do all the footwork of review, analysis and implementation. The software offers banks an opportunity to interact with users and provide them with secure and convenient applications and channels for various remote services like mobile banking, virtual office, internet banking etc.

The company design, analyse, review and implement quality banking solutions as per the specific needs of the business. The business analysts work with UX designers, visual designers, and UI engineers to produce uncluttered and hassle free system interface and ensure the successful and effective remote https://www.standfore.com/banking-solutions/standfore-online banking solutions. If you have been looking for banking software company that provide software development, IT consulting services and testing of banking system where you can benefit more than banking, you can try Stanfore banking software company.Below are the some of the solutions offered by the company:

1. Retail Digital Banking:

StandFore FS gives you a high-end solution for retail banking business with various technology innovations and delivers manageability and superior consumer experience through different e-channels. It includes sub-systems like Mobile Banking, PFM, Online Banking, Bank portals and many others integrated via platform core.

2. SMB & Digital Corporate Banking

StandFore offers you new generation resolutions for corporate banking business and SMB segment as well. There are unique architectural platforms that allow the new level of digital service to clients, combining strong functionality, technological excellence and modern e-banking trends.

3. Unified Front Office

The unified front office solution is an efficient platform to start daily branch projects, connected with different digital channels for customer service through which you banks can communicate with their clients in all new way. The front office solution can easily integrate with rest of digital channels as well.

Stanfore banking software company is based in new cutting edge technology stack with flexible service-oriented methods to provide top class performances and regular maintenance program. The middle layer platform includes all the important components such as back-end integration, multifactor authentication, and business management and much more.

The experts perform in-depth analysis of bank electronic channels to prepare detailed reports to start further digital developments. There are the routine tasks included during the platform deployment business project:

1. Complete analysis of functional, business and other technical requirements.

2. UX/UI designs analysis

3. Customization and deployment of various components including StandFore Mobile, Online, My Bak, CMS, Auth, Security, DMS and Analysis.

4. Integration with various internal banking systems

5. Transfer of Existing Data ( Access is granted and controlled by banks and given on the basis of need)

6. System configuration

7. Training, administration and bank software development unit

8. Guarantee and support maintenance.

Implementation is an actual art form and banking institutions hold no exception to the rule, especially in IT based marketplace. For banking software systems, this means putting your plans and ideas into the test, introducing workflows and achieving operational objectives. Success completely depends on project management, planning, technology and communication. It’s important to find a reliable banking software company that strictly adhere to the timeframes, guidelines and building workflows and deployment of software. By adhering to these guidelines, your private bank can reduce the risk and increase the chances of successful banking software launch.

Standfore – standfore.com/banking-software-company has set of different software and optional components. Each component is licensed separately and should be purchased differently. There is onlyone-time fixed fee for purchasing each component license regardless of different remote banking users. The cost of the software depends on the functional scope, environment and also the degree of involvement from the customer. You may contact the company for the free consultation.